Monday, July 1, 2013

The Dripping Graphite of Leh

I finally managed to compile all the Leh sketches for the Travel Diary that I am writing for an Urban Design  teacher of mine. Here they are:
Goa sketches after a short break.

Sketch 1.0

Sketch 2.0

Sketch 3.0

Sketch 4.0

Sketch 5.0

Sketch 6.0

Sketch 7.0

Sketch 8.0

Sketch 9.0
Sketches 1 and 2 are of a house in stone and mud masonry. The lintel is a very important element of the design in these houses; as the city lies in an earthquake prone area. The lintel, visible on the facade of almost each and every house is hence made decorative and is ornamental.

Sketches 3 and 4 were made in the Leh Palace. That place is a beautiful maze carved out of the hill.

Sketch 5 is the schematic section and plan of the main prayer hall of the Hemis Monastery.

Sketch 6 and 7 are of the Thigse monastry. Sketched while waiting for the Monastry to reopen after lunch time.

Sketches 8 and 9 are of the Stupa atop the Shey Palace. The whole place is silent. All you can hear is the wind blowing in your face and your own heartbeat. Lovely architecture and location.

That's about it from Leh. I'll post some sketches from Goa as soon as I can.

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