Monday, June 24, 2013

Kashmir, Leh Trip

Me and a few friends went to Kashmir and Leh in late May. It was indeed a trip that I would never forget. Infact, I would love to go back whenever I have time and money. Since i'm out of college and have to follow my job schedule, I guess time and money both would be a problem.

Anyway.. here are a few sketches that I made of the Nishat gardens at Srinagar. I will follow this post with my sketches of Leh in a few days.

Keep checking for updates.

The Nishat Gardens at Srinagar, have been designed beautifully considering the topography of the region. The garden steps up with the natural slope of the mountains. There are 12 terraces in the whole garden related to the 12 zodiac signs. Each terrace is accessed with a few steps on either sides of the terraces. The terraces are also connected with a stream of water that cascades down from top and eventually ends up in the Dal Lake. The 12th Terrace is the Zanana and the rest of the 11 terraces are public. One can get a beautiful view of the Fort and the Dal Lake from this garden. Its definitely a must visit.

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