Friday, July 12, 2013

Quick Goa Post

On 4th of June, I came to Goa for the first time to give a job interview. I am presently staying in Goa and my job demands me for the minimum period of an year.

I was staying in Afonso Guesthouse when I came for the interview, which is just a block away from my office. The office and the guesthouse are located in Fontainhas; which happens to be the old Latin quarters. Fontainhas and Mala exhibit a strong historic character and define the Goan culture beautifully. I plan to sketch more of the houses.

Most of these houses have been maintained by their house owners who proudly think of it as a part of their heritage, although a few houses have been demolished and instead we can see new residences which do not respect their context. Although, its not too late. Our office along with the authorities is working on documenting the heritage structures in Panjim (including Fontainhas and Mala). Eventually a guideline for heritage areas will be worked on.

Here are two sketches. The first one is of a wooden door of a decaying old house and the other one is of the San Sabastian Chapel in Fontainhas (next to our office). Also, while I was at it, I tried my hands at watercolors. I used an ink pen with watercolors, so the ink got a bit washed away. I have to find an alternative to this. Maybe an alcohol marker. Will keep trying.


  1. So cool.
    Oh I love the fact that you're in Goa. And also that the old Goan houses are so colorful!! I remember walking in this street with a house that had mustard coloured walls and a blue door. Simply wow!

    1. Thank you Shruti.. Its been raining cats and dogs, that's one reason why I haven't been able to sketch outdoors. Although, I will. Soon enough. Take care. :)