Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sketching Indoors, Raining Outdoors

Uggghh.. I've never hated rains so much. That's also because I've never lived in an area before where it rains continuously. Therefore, I had limited options of sketching and being an architecture student, I was never interested in sketching indoors. I have always preferred sketching outdoors or architectural details.

Although, one has to satisfy the urge to sketch. I didn't make very many sketches. I only did one in watercolor and ink. On a rainy day, I was giving company to a friend of mine, who was waiting for a friend of hers, in Tea Cafe right after office hours. It was there that I sketched the spoon stand and the napkin holder, both done in ceramics, which are a very common site here in Goa. Spare me if its not very well done. This is very unusual for me.

It is now after some two months of moving to Goa that the rains spare us during the day (yes it still rains at night). I plan to go to Old Goa this weekend to sketch. Here is the sketch. Enjoy.

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