Sunday, September 22, 2013

Old Goa

Old Goa, has a plethora of old structures and all of them have been competing in the race of most sketchable monuments since the time they were constructed. I went to Old Goa on 15th of this month to try my luck. I wanted to try out a different medium, therefore, I used a chiseled black marker with a 3mm tip. It was enough to give bold strokes, yet the effect was graceful. I was tired of adding detail with a small nib and thought that this was the apt medium to sketch with.

I sketched two monuments to start with. The first one was the  St. Peters Church (on the way to Old Goa), and the other one was the Chapel of St. Catherine. I chose a conventional view for the St. Peters Church (drew the cross in the foreground and the chapel in the background) and I chose an unconventional view for the Chapel of St. Catherine (I sketched the back facade and the perspective was a bit tricky. The slopes were aligned with the vanishing points). I messed up the second sketch a bit (the perspective and the ground to structure relationship), but I was still happy with the new medium I was using. The results were better than a pencil. Here are the sketches. 

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