Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cave Temples of Badami and Aihole

Back in July, I went for a backpacking trip through Hampi, Badami and Bijapur. Due to limited budget, I had to cut down the duration significantly, although, it was an unadulterated first hand rendezvous with information. I went to Hampi first, then Bijapur, followed by Badami, Aihole, Pattadakal and back to Goa. During the last leg of my trip, I visited a lot of cave temples.

Now I had forgotten my charcoal so I decided to sketch the plans of the cave temples. I sketched a lot during the trip, although only a few sketches turned out good. Lack of practice I believe. More sketches from Hampi and Bijapur in the next post. 


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