Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Study in Green and Brown

On the weekend, I went to the Tobacco Square in Panjim to sketch. The difference was I carried nothing with me other than pencil colors, which I have no experience with. Although, the medium was new, I could still manage to sketch decently. As I was using colors, the challenge I gave myself was to sketch things that were green and brown in color. It was exciting to observe things only in two colors. It seemed like I was on a hunt for colors, although, brown and green were not very tough to find. I sketched, in the increasing order of abstraction, the lichen covered bust of Dr. M. C. Dias (eye level), The Mint House (eye level), and a planter with interesting geometry (first floor level, sitting). I think the next challenge might be to sketch in red. I enjoyed using pencil colors. Let's see. Enjoy.

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