Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sanskar Kendra, Ahmedabad

Ah! I thought I had forgotten the password to this account.. but strangely I remembered. I'm being sarcastic to myself here!

I finished my thesis and started with my internship as a trainee in Ahmedabad. The office is nice. I'm encouraged to explore; even to the extent that I am told to visit the architectural heritage of this city and sketch it out, strictly in charcoal. Charcoal, is a medium that I was never comfortable with, therefore, I had always ignored it. So, I HAD to take it up as a challenge for myself. I was intrigued by the outcome. The first weekend I went to Sanskar Kendra, designed by Le Corbusier. This marvel provided an interesting play of light and shadows specially in the courtyard. The sketches, although failed to impress me.

Last weekend I went to Sarkhej Roja, to explore my ability to sketch in charcoal further, this weekend, I was happier with the outcome. My lines were more fluid. I had sketched only shadows, therefore, the negatives were perceived as solid planes exposed to sunlight. It was satisfactory, also, Sarkhej is beautiful.

Right now, I'm only uploading Sanskar Kendra sketches. The sketches from Sarkhej will follow soon.

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