Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vast Empty Fields


Welcome to the new space. Its like an empty vast room with nothing in it. Waiting to be invented. It feels good to be constructing a whole new parallel world. I'm adding a new dimension to myself with this new space.

As the author and editor of this blog, i want you to know something. I want YOU to know that YOU are important for this space to be what i want it to be.

This blog will deal with Urban Sketching. A platform not known to many. It is the simplest form of sketching, wherein the sketcher or the artist sketches Urban Landscapes on the spot with any medium of his choice. And by 'On The Spot', i mean, 'ON THE SPOT'. Urban Sketchers are true to their artwork and never post stuff that does not exist. That also means, that nothing on this blog goes imaginary. Everything exists. Its like producing the fake matrix on the paper. Some On-Street Graffiti would also be featured, but thats just 1% of it. The rest will be sketches. Also, they would be On Street. No Sketchbook graffiti.

'Divine Aggression'. Sounds retarded? Is not. As artists people channelize their energy in artwork. I call it the creative energy. Though it exists as the stranger part of me. Its more of an aggression to do something. Therefore, the name.

I came to know about Urban Sketchers through a friend of mine, who himself used to paint on the spot. He does amazing watercolors. The main Urban Sketchers community can be found here. Also, this blog is an extension to my already existing blog which you'll find here.

This blog is just not an attempt to show off my artwork to the world. It has been created for a reason.
1) It will be compulsory for me to post here. Therefore, it will force me to sketch more frequently.
2) To be a member of the Urban Sketchers community, i need to have a portfolio, which will allow me to apply for the blog membership.
3) Art is a part of my strawberry tart.

I hope this works out.

Peace! ;)

P.S: First related post to be published soon.

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